Busting Bikini Harada Orei

Cutie Ourei Harada is one of the few Japanese Idols that actually has breast implants. This enhancement brought her to a J-cup and also brought her instant fame. Her first book came out when she was just 18 years old, but unfortunately at the age of 22 Ourei decided it was enough and retired, having never shot any hardcore movies and pictures. Her pictures conisits of mostly bikini work or dressed attire. As of last year, she was seen promoting the latest video games in Japan and some noticed her size was smaller, bringing the speculation that she had her implants removed. In any case, we miss you Ourei and here’s a look back when her boobs were huge.


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Miki Sawaguchi

Along with Anna Ohura, Miki Sawaguchi, is one of the classic “old timer” Japanese AV performers. Although Miki is 33 years old, her career started in 1996 with her porn debut called I have Found Breasts Larger Than My Face. Got to Love those Japanese film titles. Given that Miki only lost her virginity at 18 years old. 3 years later, she was all ready for the world to watch! That’s quite a leap. I for one, can say I absolutely love Miki’s curves and I hope she stays around for quite a bit longer to keep showing us her beautiful big naturals.


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Huge Boob Fuko

If there’s every a Japanese big boob girl to say WOW over it’s definitely Fuko. Her big, natural tits are absolutely amazing and absolutely HUGE. She used to go by the name Love and the shots below are when she used that nickname. Well, I can say I Love her! Even when she’s laying down, when most women’s boobs would fall flat, Fuko’s are standing tall. Born in Okinawa, Japan, this 20 year old, started posing online in 2005. It didn’t take long for her to gain popularity and skyrocket among big boob Asian lovers. Standing 4’11″ her boobs are a natural P CUP. Yes, P! Go through the alaphbet afer D and see how big that is lol. They’re fucking huge. There’s some great news about Fuko coming up too, stay tuned because it’ll be something about Fuko that you can only dream about. Until then….


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Go Rio Go

One of my first exposures to Japanese AV idols was with Rio Natsume, so she’ll always hold a special soft spot in my heart. I recall watching a clip of Rio jogging with her big tits bouncing up and down so much it looked like it was hitting her face, and the clip said “Go Rio Go!” I’ve never been able to find it again, but damn, it sure was memorable. This Japenese cutie is just 23 years old, with extremely large breasts on a slender body. Her 38G’s have been brought her to international fame, where she still continues to shoot dvds and appear on shows in Japan. Without further adieu, here’s Rio!


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Big Tit Japenese Movies

Who’s big boobs are these you ask? They’re none other than Yuna’s. I’ll tell you, the Japanese really know how to make breast videos. Although I love American porn, it is truly some of the greatest, when it comes to big boobs, the fetish, appears lots. Normally big boob sites just show women with big boobs, but Japanese big tit porn sites have the guys playing with the boobs. That’s the big difference ;-)

Like these video below of big boob Yuna. The guy gets behind her and caresses her big boulders. He works in oil until it covers all of her big cup….Then he really gets excited. You’ll just have to watch and see what happens.


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Gravure idol Hanai Miri

Hanai Miri is what you’d call a Japaenese Gravure idol. To quote wikipedia, “Gravure idols are Japanese models who primarily pose in bikinis, leotards, and other provocative clothing for photo spreads in magazines and photobooks aimed largely at men. In recent years, some popular idols have released DVDs of their work, typically posing in revealing outfits. Fetish themes may include wrestling, martial arts, and superheroines from tokusatsu.”

As you can see in this gallery Hanai likes to dress up in many different outfits, from bunnies to bikinis. Hanai is a tiny girl too, standing just 4’11″, her boobs are absolutely huge to be busting out at her size. Check her out below.


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Japanese Natural Big Tits

One of the original Japanese AV Idols that later starting shooting hardcore porn is Anna Ohura. Born to a French father and Japanese mother, Anna blossomed into a big natural boob woman that shot to popularity with her beautiful looks and her huge natural boobs. To everyone’s amazement, she shoot hardcore movies, which are classics. One thing that I personally always loved about Anna, aside from her big tits, is her hairy pussy lol. Call me old skool, but I love hairy pussies (yes, I grew up in the 80′s). Take a look at Anna on the casting couch getting ready for her next big scene.


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Plump Asian Ranran Manaka

Finding quality Busty Asians is such a rarity, and finding plumpers with big tits probably even more so. Although Ranran Manaka isn’t exactly what I’d call a plumper, she definitely has some meat on her bones and in my book, that’s fine with me. Ranran’s boobs are quite large, reported at a J cup, although the Japanese standard lists her boobs at a size 70, I have yet to translate that into American standards, but I will get one it. All I know is her big Japanese boobs are huge lol.


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Hitomi Tanaka Bikini

To start it all, one of my favorite busty Japanese girls is Hitomi Tanaka. Born 7/18/1986, she has all natural huge J cup tits that are one of the nicest I’ve seen. Hitomi started off posing model type, bikini pictures and just recently ventured to more risque, actually hardcore porn. She looks like a great fuck and big boobs are awesome wrapped around a cock, she gives awesome titty fucking jobs. This is the innocent Hitomi laying around the kitchen and playing around with the whip creme.

Hitomi Tanaka

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